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Gallery of somewhat recent-ish work

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Zombies, illness, bites!



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Actor: Charles Smith

Makeup design and application by Robin McShaffry, HenhouseFX

Photo by Anna Hanks


Alamo “Don’t Talk” Bumper produced by SCARE in 2010

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 In my previous post I alluded to the bumper we shot for Alamo Drafthouse last October. It was a fun experience and here’s the final result. Sadly it does not include any graphics or identifiers, but that’s our work.

Pics from Oct 2010 video shoot

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We shot one of those “turn off your cell phone or ____ will take you out” bumpers for Alamo Drafthouse last October, and I designed and applied the key makeup for the main zombie in the shoot.  Anna Hanks, a friend and local writer, took a great set of reference photos and posted them to her Facebook page here .

We started at 6 AM and I was assisted by 2 artists, one of whom was Shrrl Gravelin-Carpenter, who has turned into a great Halloween makeup artist.

As you look at the album, you can see that the light changes over time. That, my friends, is the sun rising. Ugh.

Anna took a lot of great detail shots of Charlie’s basic latex-and-greasepaint build-up. I will ask Anna for permission to post them here as well.

I still have never seen the final product, so once I get a link to that will post here also.

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