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#RIP, a short film

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I worked on a fun, comedic short film that won several awards called #RIP – here’s my work.


Gallery of somewhat recent-ish work

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Zombies, illness, bites!

Oh my, it’s been too long.

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I am terrible about updating this site. I am putting up some more photos now. Brace yourselves!


Bill Wise in “full Brando” mode for Master Class

Latest appliance

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Here’s an appliance I sculpted, cast, ran in silicone and painted for a short film I’m working on. Will apply it tomorrow, I hope it looks great!


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Actor: Charles Smith

Makeup design and application by Robin McShaffry, HenhouseFX

Photo by Anna Hanks


The Ringmaster

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Actor: Eric Stewart

Hair and Makeup by Robin McShaffry, HenhouseFX

Photo by Flashbax23 Photography

ringmaster crop

Super secret!

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Here’s an instagram from a super-secret promo I worked in late 2011!

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