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Oh my, it’s been too long.

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I am terrible about updating this site. I am putting up some more photos now. Brace yourselves!


Bill Wise in “full Brando” mode for Master Class


Super secret!

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Here’s an instagram from a super-secret promo I worked in late 2011!

Shots from Disenchanted shoot

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Some photos taken at the shoot for TV Pilot ‘Disenchanted’, NeuSpaceChurch Productions. Makeup by Robin McShaffry, assisted by Deborah Davidson.

Candy Skull Birthday!

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Crystal turned 30 and was celebrating the death of her youth. Candy Skulls were in order.  I used the Sugar Skull kit from on Crystal and Charlotte. Costumes and headdresses by Crystal McGookey.

Burning Up the Runway, July 29, 2011

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Burning Up the Runway, July 29, 2011

Photography by Ryan Hayes, One Flame in the Fire. Makeup by Robin.


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I can’t post shots from my December show at Bass Concert Hall, because as the actor who plays Lumiere said, I’d see a mouse shaped laser sight on me just before I bit it. But I had fun doing wigs on Beauty and the Beast. Here’s a rather nondescript photo of the wardrobe area on deck.


South Pacific

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I almost forgot to tell you! In early November I got called to work the local crew on the national tour of South Pacific. I worked with a couple of other folks on the wig crew and handled wig styling, blocking and quick changes. It was the first time in a long while I had done wigs and it was fun. I learned some 40’s hairstyles, though if I had to do them on a real person instead of a wig form I would probably have trouble. It’s a lot easier to sculpt wigs with pins stuck in a form than on a head you can’t stick pins in. 🙂

I realized while humming along to the songs backstage that the first time I did South Pacific was 30 years ago. Wow!

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