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Actor: Charles Smith

Makeup design and application by Robin McShaffry, HenhouseFX

Photo by Anna Hanks



The Ringmaster

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Actor: Eric Stewart

Hair and Makeup by Robin McShaffry, HenhouseFX

Photo by Flashbax23 Photography

ringmaster crop

Mike’s Old Age Test photos

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Some of these are posted on Facebook, but here is the full progression.

Clown Class at Scare for a Cure

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It's so easy to hate clowns.

This Thursday 9/29/11 I’ll be teaching a Clown makeup class to actors and makeup techs for Scare for a Cure.

7 PM, 7400 Coldwater Canyon Dr. Austin — feel free to contact me if you need directions.

I’m excited about how well the build is going! If you haven’t been out to volunteer on the build yet, come on out. If building isn’t your thing, and you want to get the crap scared out of you, then buy your tickets today!!

Jim in 2010

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Photo credit: Nathan Black Photography


Portfolio links

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Here are some links to some shots of my work by some fantastic photographers:







Making the pretty girls ugly:

Zombie children:

Messing with the makeup artist:

Carved out forehead on the right:


Bloody:  and


The Master:

Shots included from Nathan Black, AzulOx Photography, Anna in Austin and others.

Alamo “Don’t Talk” Bumper produced by SCARE in 2010

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 In my previous post I alluded to the bumper we shot for Alamo Drafthouse last October. It was a fun experience and here’s the final result. Sadly it does not include any graphics or identifiers, but that’s our work.

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