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about robnit

about robnit

Robin Chenoweth McShaffry

Makeup Artist

Robin is a special effects makeup artist with over 20 years experience with character, special effects, corrective and glamour makeup.  She has worked in various roles in live professional theatre on and off since 1980. She is an experienced props designer, scene designer and stage manager.

In 1990, Robin began her work with  haunted attractions at the Austin, Texas home of world-renowned game designer and private space-farer Richard Garriott.  Over the years, she had the great good fortune to learn from and collaborate with several top professionals and to create some tricks of her own.   In 1992 and 1994, Robin was Makeup Director of the legendary haunted house Britannia Manor, overseeing budget, planning, creation and application of over 50 makeups per night (more than 10 with full prosthetics) for a 7 night run.

Following Britannia Manor was a challenge, but many of the principals created the critically acclaimed Haunted Trails at Wild Basin in Austin, TX. Robin was the Makeup Manager for the first two years.

In 2005, Robin helped her friends Jarrett and Norma Crippen put together a charitable haunted house in their back yard.  It was a huge success, raising several thousand dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Buoyed by the success, Robin introduced the Crippens to her friends from Britannia Manor and Haunted Trails and together they formed SCARE for a Cure.

Robin was Makeup Director for SCARE for a Cure for 6 years. During that time she oversaw hundreds of makeups applied to volunteers with the help of dozens of assistants.  Mentorship is a big part of SCARE, and Robin takes great pride in the number of talented makeup artists she trained and inspired during her tenure.

In addition to her haunted attractions experience, Robin has worked fashion shows, weddings, live theater, short films and features.

Why “Henhouse”?

Robin and Mike bought a house in Central Austin with a chicken coop in the back yard. Friends lovingly started referring to the residence as “The Coop.” Robin now operates her lab and business out of the same house. The chicken coop still stands and a future project is to convert it to a bar.   Currently it’s a nice dry place to store alginate and Ultracal 30.